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About this documentation

This is the documentation for the AI-READI dataset called "Flagship Dataset of Type 2 Diabetes from the AI-READI Project". It is intended to complement the information provided on the dataset landing page on the FAIRhub data portal. It is highly suggested to read this documentation first before accessing the dataset.

About the AI-READI dataset

Brief intro to the AI-READI project and the AI-READI dataset.

About the structure of this documentation

There is one version of this documentation associated with each version of the AI-READI dataset. You can navigate between the different versions from the dropdown in the upper right corner.

This documentation is associated with v1.0 of the dataset, which contains data from the participants of the pilot study phase. This version of the documentation is structured as follows

  • The "Citation" section explains how the dataset needs to be cited if used.

  • The "Preliminary Information" section contains information about accessing and using the dataset so you can understand what is expected from users of the dataset.

  • The "Overview of the Dataset" section points to high-level information about the dataset that is contained on the dataset landing page such as a summary of the AI-READI study, a description of the dataset, etc. and also provide details about each of the data types included in the dataset.

  • The "Dataset Structure" section starts with a high-level description of how the dataset is organized before diving into details about the structure of each of the data types contained is this dataset (how they are organized, what standards were followed, etc.).

  • The "Example Use Cases" section provides some examples of how the dataset can be used.

  • The "Resources" section provides a list of additional resources related to the dataset that could be useful for understanding and using the dataset.

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