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Version: 1.0.0

Overall Description

General information

The landing page of the dataset on FAIRhub contains a wealth of information to learn about the dataset. We invite you to consult the different tabs. In particular, the About tab provides an overview of the dataset including a description of the AI-READI study, a description of the dataset, the standards followed to structure the dataset and format the data files, and much more. The Healthsheet and Data Domain sections below provide additional information as well.

The AI-READI dataset is structured according to the specification of the Clinical Dataset Structure, documented here. You can preview the dataset structure from the Dataset Structure Preview tab on the dataset landing page. Briefly, data is organized at the root level into one directory per datatype. Within each datatype folder, there is one folder per modality. Within each modality folder, there is one folder per device used to collect that modality. Within each device folder, there is one folder per participant. Each datatype, modality, and device folder is named using a name that best defines them. Each participant folder is named after the participant's ID number used in the study.

The AI-READI dataset contains 8 datatypes. They are described in detail in the next sections.

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